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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
DNC Convention Day Two - Teresa, Both Fruity and Nutty
by Thom the Blog Culler

So, our good friends over at the American Thinker have come through for us again.  Today, Thomas Lifson provides us with a particularly insightful readout of Mother Teresa's "A Powerful Moment for Me" speech at the convention last night, and he makes some very important points about this lady and her relationship to her husband(s).  Go and read the whole thing.  It's great!  Here's what was interesting to me:

The Fruit Sauce Imagery

My favorite parts begin again with the colorful and fruity imagery invoked by Mother Teresa's grand entrance:
She was dressed in a near-ketchup red suit. The crowd waved ketchup red placards with “We love TERESA!” printed in big white letters. What is the message in this choice of colors? That her fortune is based on a tomato-derived sauce? That she is hoping to relate better to red state voters? That she is nostalgic for communism?

Tomatoes are technically a fruit, right? Colorful and fruity!  The sheer brilliance and market savvy of promoting both the candidate and the family business at the same time!  How can you beat that?

Turn to the East, Turn to the West.  Refer to the Husband You Like Best

Well, here's how.  She immediately goes from fruity to nutty.  Or perhaps "waffley?"  That would seem to fit into the Heinz/Kerry tradition.  Its hard to get a sense of where Mother Teresa's loyalties really lie.  Here's what Mr. Lifson has to say:

Blowing kisses to the applauding audience, she embraced her son Christopher, stepson to the presumptive Presidential nominee, who had declared his love for her in his introduction of her. . .

[Her first words are:]  “Thank-you Christopher. Your father would be proud of you and your brothers.”

Now this is getting downright creepy. Long before any mention of her current husband, she invokes the memory of her dead Republican first husband, Senator John Heinz, whose family fortune she now spends on behalf of a Democrat, and in support of extreme left wing causes through the Tides Foundation. Would Senator Heinz be proud that his son spoke before a Democratic convention, solely because his stepfather was the presumptive nominee?

A Powerful Moment For Me 

Creepy though her husband loyalty issues may be, the truly worrisome behavior is what came next:
She finally did thank the crowd, and promised to tell us about her husband, the living one, But then, out of the blue, hands pressed together in front of her, she declared, “This is such a powerful moment for me.”

A slight audible brief buzz rose from the crowd. It was, after all, a stunning statement. Even this friendly crowd seemed shocked at the self-centeredness of the remark. She revealed to the world in that moment that the Presidential campaign, as far as she is concerned, is her toy, a fashion accessory, something for a woman who already has five houses, a Gulfstream V jet, and obsequious servants, business managers, and a Senator-husband dependent on her checkbook for the lifestyle he enjoys so much.

Mother, May I?

And what about that financially dependant Senator-husband?  Mr. Lifson goes on to imply the the Boston Strangler is bought and paid for, if not by the typcial list of special interests and lobbyists,  then at the very least by his pushy, opinionated, fabulously wealthy wife:
This is clearly a woman who thinks and feels that she is the one paying the bills, so she gets to call the shots. I can imagine that Sen. Kerry has had to put up with a lot of this, but has made his peace with it, considering the financial benefits.

None of the details of her marriage would be of the slightest interest to me or anyone else, if it weren’t for the fact that her husband could well be the next President. A man bought and paid for, with a willful, short-tempered, somewhat angry and defensive, egotistical spouse, one who is used to getting her own way whenever she demands it.
Wow, what a show.  Who would have thought we could learn so much about what a potential Kerry Presidency would look like, by just hearing Her Imperial Majesty address the loyal masses?

What Can I Say More?  
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