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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Adventures in Capitalism
by Bonjo
Back from a great weekend at the Jersey shore. Tropical storm warning? Bah humbug, the water and weather were great. And the food. I made it out of the state unscathed with my election bumper sticker.

I have not posted this week due to what I call adventures in capitalism, mainly: work. However, in an effort to keep you, dear reader, entertained, I have a couple of interesting reads referenced below for your enjoyment.

KETCHUP QUEEN: "I'm an immigrant, too."
Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry (deep gasp for breath) has been out on the campaign stump dubbing herself as an "immigrant," in an attempt to court votes from the Hispanic population. Ruben Navarrette of the Dallas Morning News, a Hispanic-American, thinks this is just plain wrong. He responds to Mrs. Kerry's self-described "immigrant" status in this article:
"Yeah, and I'm Pancho Villa."

In other news you won't hear elsewhere, Martin Schram offers an explanation of why Kerry is "blowing the election":

"Privately, but no longer quietly, Democrats are beginning to despair. They cannot fathom why their man, John Kerry, cannot seem to fathom how easy it should be to put President Bush away, seize the high ground and take command of the issues of the war on Iraq and the war on terror.


"Democrats say privately they don't know what is wrong with Kerry. Here is what's wrong: The Democratic presidential nominee has no clearly defined conceptual framework that is the basis of what he thinks about the war on terror and the war in Iraq."
How about: "Kerry has no clearly defined conceptual framework that is the basis of what he thinks about ANYTHING." Unless, of course, you consider polls to be a conceptual framework.

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