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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
And the winner for the best quote of the day is....
by Cordeiro
Bridget Johnson for her column in today's Wall Street Journal Opinion page entitled Diadatic Dirt. Go ahead and read the whole thing, but my favorite part of the whole piece is in the last section.

John Kerry wants to present himself as a distinguished gentleman from Massachusetts--someone who can relate to the everyday, common man who married a ketchup fortune--and he executed a well-scripted convention production. He got down and dirty in the primaries with the man he eventually picked as his running mate, painting John Edwards as a political infant, slamming him on taxes, trade, health care, you name it. As politics makes strange bedfellows, now they're like two honeymooners--tossing a football, giving and getting liberal amounts of hugs. Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards swear they've swallowed their personal differences and now focus that energy on George W. Bush.

Mr. Kerry's allies include 12-year-old Ilana Wexler, the Kids for Kerry founder, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention and has proposed a "no-name-calling day" for candidates. Never mind that in recent months we've heard the most virulent bashing and demonization of our commander in chief coming from this girl's party of choice.

Not that Mr. Bush needs any pity. This Texan could hogtie Mr. Kerry and pop an O'Doul's over his squirming body. But who needs to when you've got Dick Cheney keeping it real--and interesting? After invoking the F-word in a private, overheard response to Sen. Patrick Leahy, he commented that it felt good, but also wouldn't be indicative of the language he normally uses. Honestly, I wouldn't care if Mr. Cheney invented the F-word. Even with a bad ticker, you know he could take it to any of those politicos like an Iron Chef to a flopping fish.

And why is this important? Because I don't want a leader who will invite Osama bin Laden to sit down for group therapy and talk about why he wants to destroy the United States; I want a leader who will take the fight to al Qaeda and its cronies regardless of what France thinks. I want a candidate who is less concerned about whether the world wants to come out and play than about dirty bombs dropping on our doorstep. Tough times take a tough hombre who can roll with the punches and fight back when necessary, and isn't afraid of violating some unwritten code by informing us of his opponent's flaws.

The WSJ identifies Ms. Johnson as a journalist and screenwriter in Southern California. I guess there is intelligent life in Hollywood after all.

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"Honestly, I wouldn't care if Mr. Cheney invented the F-word. Even with a bad ticker, you know he could take it to any of those politicos like an Iron Chef to a flopping fish....."
Damn straight.
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