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Monday, August 09, 2004
Biden Demonstrates Liberal Incompetence on Homeland Security
by Bonjo
Senator Biden, Liberal Democrat-DE, was on the Today show today, interviewed by Matt "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" Lauer. Biden offered a frightening insight into how liberals perceive the role of homeland security. He was discussing the recent elevation of the terror alert in key cities around the nation, claiming it was unnecessary and lacked concrete evidence:

"I have not seen any hard evidence that there was an active moment that was contemplated in the very near term. If there was a smoking gun that said we know for certain that was going to occur, I didn't see it."
If there is ever a "smoking gun that said we know for certain" of any terrorist attack, it is the attack itself. That is the premise of terrorism! They want us to be afraid, to cower, to always be looking over our shoulder. Maybe they will attack. Maybe they won't. Maybe they will bomb. Maybe they will hijack. They will use fear in an attempt to demand, manipulate and control (see also: Spanish Sissies, Philippine Pansies).

By the time we "know for certain", as you said, it's too late. Far too late (see also: 9/11). The best policy for state-side homeland defense is to implement strategic security measures as intelligence gathering indicates. To do otherwise would be foolishly short-sighted (see also: John Kerry, Inept Foreign Policy Proposals, Homeland Insecurity).

As I have previously stated, the best defense overall for homeland security is to take the fight to the terrorists themselves (see also: President Bush, War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq).

Take, for instance, this headline that I just saw on the Voice of America website:

"Radical Iraqi Cleric Vows Fight to the Death with US Forces"

To quote the 9/11 rescue workers at ground zero who shouted to President Bush upon his visit: "Whatever it takes!"

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