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Friday, August 27, 2004
Bring it on, John
by Thom the Blog Culler

Gosh I enjoy good open letters. Oliver North has written one to Kerry, and it cuts to the heart of why so many Vietnam Veterans HATE Kerry.

Apparently its not because he received medals he didn't deserve, or got to go home early because of them. It isn't because his "seared" memories of spending Christmas in Cambodia are bogus or that he mistaken about Nixon being President that year. No, appearently Vietnam vets are still pissed at Kerry because of what he did after he came home from Vietnam:

When you got home, you co-founded Vietnam Veterans Against the War and wrote "The New Soldier," which denounced those of us who served -- and were still serving -- on the battlefields of a thankless war. Worst of all, John, you then accused me -- and all of us who served in Vietnam -- of committing terrible crimes and atrocities.

Some of the impact Colonel North cites includes:
Capt. James Warner had already spent four years in Vietnamese custody when he was handed a copy of your testimony by his captors. Warner says that for his
captors, your statements "were proof I deserved to be punished." He wasn't released until March 14, 1973.

Maj. Kenneth Cordier, an Air Force pilot who was in Vietnamese custody for 2,284 days, says his captors "repeated incessantly" your one-liner about being "the last man to die" for a lost cause. Cordier was released March 4, 1973.

Navy Lt. Paul Galanti says your accusations "were as demoralizing as solitary (confinement) ... and a prime reason the war dragged on." He remained in North Vietnamese hands until February 12, 1973.

And to wrap up, Oliver makes the a painful comparison between Kerry and Hanoi Jane when he says:
Even Jane Fonda apologized.

Will you, John?

What can I say more?

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