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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Imagine, if you will... CA wearing Red
by Bonjo
In the perfect world, Democrats would not have the liberal strongholds that they currently have. I refer to such places as New York state, California, Massachusetts, Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, etc.

Recently Cordeiro and I were musing over the following: Imagine if, on November 2nd, 2004, California went "red". That is, imagine if election officials called California for President Bush. John Kerry would have to pack up and head back to the Senate, since he wouldn't have a prayer of winning the election without California.

My guess is that the headlines the next day would not be about the election victory, but about media coverage of the event, as that would be far more newsworthy:

"CNN displays 'technical difficulty' message for three hours"
"Tom Brokaw utters explitive on national TV; FCC to levy fine"
"Dan Rather suffers stroke during newscast"
"Peter Jennings to denounce US Citizenship, return to Canada"
"Chris Matthews goes insane" (Oh, wait, we knew that already)
"Fox News shares trading 20% higher"

As nice as it would be, don't hold your breath. Neither candidate has spent any considerable time in the state. That means they know it would be a waste of their time, as it will live up to its reputation as "The Left Coast."

Do you have a "imagine if CA went red" headline? Post it here!
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New York Times headline: "Gore Requests Recount as California Goes Red"
subtitle "Calls Election Results 'Clear Evidence of "Florida-Style" Vote Tampering' as Kerry Windsurfs in Hawaii"
"Supreme Court Denies Request, Says Matter is 'None of Gore's Business'"

BTW, which liberal propoganda genius decided to make the REPUBLICANS red?
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