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Friday, August 06, 2004
Jobs Data the Left Doesn't Want You to Hear
by Bonjo
It was announced today that the economy "only" added 32,000 jobs in the month of July.

The naysayers out there (i.e., The Walking Corpse and his Band of Brothers) are quick to point out that analysts had expected over 200,000 jobs. Why wouldn't they, after 10 straight quarters of economic growth? Analysts can expect anything, can't they? Keep in mind that, in the same month, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.5%, the lowest it has been since just after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Kerry Admits to Improving Economy
The Walking Corpse released a statement today saying the economy has made a "U-Turn":

"Today's job numbers further demonstrate that our economy may be taking a U-turn. America will not turn the corner to better days until we have a new president who can see our problems and take action to fix them."

Wwwwwait a second, Senator Kerry. Not so fast. You have spent the last few months trooping around America telling everyone about the poor state of our economy. All during that time, virtually every bit of economic data released pointed to a recovering economy.

Now you say the economy has made a "U-Turn". That must mean that you recognized the improving economy all along, no? Since an economy making a "U-Turn" would then heading in the opposite direction.

Regardless of what Kerry does or does not think about the economy (I'm not sure, since he's really not sure), Charles Gabriel, a Prudential Securities Inc. political analyst had this to say:

"The number of economists who think we're doing a U-turn you could fit in a phone booth."
A Tongue-in-cheek Explanation of Slower-Than-Expected Jobs Growth
Last month at the DNQ (Democratic National Quagmire), Corpse and Co. said they were going to raise taxes, and specifically, that they were going to tax the "wealthiest Americans". Who creates jobs? You guessed it: the wealthiest Americans. Perhaps they are trying to cut their losses, out of fear that The Walking Corpse might actually swindle his way into the White House?

Jobs Data to Consider
I am sure that to each of the 32,000 people who took jobs in the month of July the recent jobs number is not insignificant. There have been months where that number has been negative. As President Bush said today:
"We've got more to do. I'm not going to be satisfied until everybody who wants work can find a job and I'm running because I understand how to take a strong economy and make it stronger."
Our friends over at Blogs for Bush have some great jobs data to put this into perspective:

In January 2001, the month that George W. Bush took office, 135,999,000 Americans had jobs.

By October of that year, the number of Americans with jobs had slumped to 134,562,000 - as the sudden negative economic impact of the 9/11 attacks combined with the economic slowdown that began almost a year before Bush took office (with the stock market collapse in April 2000) to cause unemployment to surge.

Today, 139,660,000 Americans have jobs, more than at any time in our nation's history.

You won't hear John Kerry say that.

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what do the republica think adout the jobs and the economy  

Posted by gary cox
We like jobs. We like a strong economy. 

Posted by Cordeiro
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