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Friday, August 27, 2004
New York State of Mind
by Cordeiro
Where can you find a few hundred bicyclists attempting to snarl traffic, truly great pizza, and four stark naked protestors in the middle of town?

Just another day in New York City.

(Memo to the naked protestors - next time you want to use your body to move your cause forward, you might want to consider whether or not anyone actually wants to see your physical assets. Making people sick does not garner followers.)

Yes, dear reader, its time for the Republican National Convention - right smack dab in the middle of the Big Apple. As I'm in New York for the week, I'll be making periodic posts with my take on the events of the week.

So far, I can tell you that whatever protestors show up for the convention, they will be met by the welcoming arms of New York's Finest. I've never seen so many cops in all my life. They are ready for anything, and I take comfort in that.

In other news, the Lurch Campaign is in a slow tail spin. W is up in the latest polls, especially those key battleground states of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Missouri. This pre convention bounce is in stark contrast to the post convention thud experience by Lurch in the aftermath of the DNC.

From a personal perspective, the leftist democrats are really grasping at straws - even in New York. As I wandered around the City yesterday, I was accosted by a DNC operative telling me "You need a new President." She then went on to bash W and his entire administration. Despite all this, she did not give me one reason to vote for Lurch.

There in lies the problem for Lurch and Company. They give the people nothing to vote for.

This will be an interesting week. Stay tuned.
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