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Friday, August 13, 2004
Sex, Lies, and New Jersey Politics
by Cordeiro
As my fellow bloggers Thom and Bonjo have been so eloquent on this subject, I shall refrain from wasting more bandwidth and keystrokes on the pathetic Governor of The Garden State. Gray "Lights Out" Davis has been out done.

The pundit and blogosphere are replete with this guy's utter failing and outright brazen corruption as a governor. Errol Louis of the NY Daily News brands McCreepy as "Just another Jersey Pol". Must be something in the Jersey water - if you can call that bubbling purple ooze water.

Soxblog has an interesting commentary on McCreepy's positioning himself "as a victim who had to go on a painful voyage of self discovery." Spare me. This guy is as dirty as the come. I would feel sorry for his wife, but she's busy trying to out-Hillary Hillary with her Stand By Your Man act.

Honey, what ever he's offering you in the way of a settlement isn't near enough.

And, in a last ditch effort to go down in history as the most corrupt governor in America, you'll note that his resignation is effective November 15, 2004 - this despite the fact that the New Jersey constitution allows for a governor's election process to begin 60 days prior to election day. This brought to you by the same people who illegally substituted Frank "Somebody Check My Pulse!" Lautenberg for the floundering and corrupt Bob "The Senate Don" Torrecelli.

Corruption? In New Jersey? Why I believe I'm going to have a heart attack and die from Not Suprise!

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