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Saturday, August 28, 2004
Sniveling Protestors
by Cordeiro
Well, some 250 bicycle protestors managed to get themselves arrested last night as they snarled traffic in Manhattan. They should be happy the NYPD took them away. I'm sure the Cab Drivers stuck in traffic would not have been so kind. I guess they got the answer to the question they shouted up and down the streets

Who's streets? Our streets!

Sorry, guys. The NYPD and most of Manhattan disagree with you. Of course the press chose to air the somewhat dumbstruck arrestees. They seemed very surprised that they were arrested for stopping traffic. Well, this is the post Giuliani era. When you break the law, you get busted. Get used to it.

Planned Parenthood (another oxymoron title if ever I saw one) marched their group of sniveling whiners across the Brooklyn Bridge. No real altercations to speak of. Just a bunch of unattractive women walking across a bridge.

Tomorrow is the big protest day - at least that's what's been published.

Stay tuned.

(And yes, Cindy, I'll go pick up a disposable camera to document the events as they unfold.)
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