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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Throwing Grenades - A Pain in the Butt
by Thom the Blog Culler

Kerry's girl-like throwing may explain his self-inflicted wounds in Vietnam

Call me idiosyncratic, but to me the most troubling accusation that John O'Neill of the Swift Vets has made is, well, to quote his interview on the Lehrer News Hour:

JOHN O'NEILL: No. What we've said is his first and third Purple Hearts, which he used to leave Vietnam very early after about four months, we've said that there is almost conclusive evidence that those were fraudulent, that is that they resulted from self-inflicted wounds.
JIM LEHRER: Self-inflicted? He intentionally wounded himself?
JOHN O'NEILL: Oh, no, he didn't intentionally wound himself. He threw grenades, in one case fired and in another case threw a grenade. They were very close to him and he wounded himself with his own grenade. He didn't mean to.
JIM LEHRER: All right. Let's stop here --

From earlier in the interview, we learn that said grenade accident caused Kerry to be wounded in his rear end. Now, this is my point. In politics, love and life, there is such a thing as good sense, and there is such a thing as luck. It is a cruel fact, but there are people who throw grenades not far enough, and get shrapnel in their butts, and those who don't.

I am not trying to be funny here. I avoid grenades partly for this very reason. I look at them, and just intuitively think, "I don't throw well, and there's something that could harm my bottom if I don't throw it far enough." Hence, I don't even own a grenade. My expeditious use of good sense allows me to avoid testing whether or not I have good luck.

Now, to be a good President, you really need to be the sort of person who has both really good sense, and is also mysteriously blessed with really good luck. You know, one of those people whom God loves for peculiar reasons of His own. Perhaps marrying a billionaireness might count in Kerry's favor on his score, but any gains there are likely cancelled out by having to live with her.

But back to those offending fragments. They are evidence, damning evidence in my view, that Kerry doesn't have the good sense not to rely on his girlie-arm to throw grenades, and that his karma is way out of whack. Pictures I have posted clearly indicate his, shall we say, less that fully masculine throwing abilities. And if half the stories of his cutting to the front of the line, abusing subordinates, calling Secret Service agents names and such are true, this guy is a karma black hole, with shrapnel wounds in his butt to prove it.

The importance of this karma principle was made clear when Carter was attacked by that crazed rabbit. Can you imagine Reagan being attacked by a rabbit? I daresay you cannot.

Personally, I don't care about Kerry's seared memories of Cambodia. What I do want to know is, did Kerry blow up his butt with his own grenade? If the answer is yes, then, I'm sorry, but he cannot be our Commander-in-Chief.

Perhaps this picture indicates he is reay to provide us with direct evidence, but I doubt it.

What can I say more?

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