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Monday, August 02, 2004
What if you threw a convention, and nobody cared?
by Cordeiro
The aftermath of the DNQ (Democratic National Quagmire), AKA "The Reinvention Convention" is turning out to be rather bad for Lurch and Company.

Normally, candidates - regardless of performance - get some sort of boost in the afterglow of their party's convention. Speculation pegged this support boost to be anywhere from 5-10%. I don't normally put much stock in polls, but USAToday/CNN/Gallup survey taken shortly after LurchFest 2004 actually shows W up by 4%.

In case you were wondering, that wasn't the desired result Lurch was hoping for. It seems as if the entire country took a look at the Democrats' best possible show and gave a collective yawn. Insomniacs across the country finally got a good nap.

In other news, The Maha Rushie put forth an interesting Commander-in-Chief Test. Kinda puts things in perspective if you ask me.

More later.

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