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Thursday, September 02, 2004
All is Zell, All is Zell!
by Bonjo
I'm still speechless. And that says something.

When I heard that Zell Miller, the Democratic Senator from Georgia, would speak at the RNC, I never expected the speech I heard: an unrelenting, finely honed, scathing assault on Democrats, liberals, and John Kerry. Listening to him, it was hard to believe this man is a Democrat! I think the title banner at the bottom of the screen should have said, "Yes, this man is a life long Democrat!"

If you missed his speech, you should read it in its entirety. This speech should be required reading for every college student in this nation.

Here are some nuggets from Senator Miller's speech. Miller's primary theme was that our families are our most important asset, and the best man to protect our families is George W. Bush.

"[L]ike you, I ask which leader is it today that has the vision, the willpower and, yes, the backbone to best protect my family? The clear answer to that question has placed me in this hall with you tonight. For my family is more important than my party."
In case you were wondering WHO he is referring to, he explicitly states the answer:

"There is but one man to whom I am willing to entrust their future and that man's name is George Bush."
Miller also addressed the current tide of hatred for President Bush within the Democratic Party:

"Now, while young Americans are dying in the sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, our nation is being torn apart and made weaker because of the Democrat's manic obsession to bring down our Commander-in-Chief.

"What has happened to the party I've spent my life working in?"
He continues, talking about what the Democratic Party used to stand for:

"I can remember when Democrats believed that it was the duty of America to fight for freedom over tyranny...

"Motivated more by partisan politics than by national security, today's Democratic leaders see America as an occupier, not a liberator.

"And nothing makes this Marine madder than someone calling American troops occupiers rather than liberators. [deafening applause]"
Miller exposed the Democrats' theory (whether they have explicitly stated it or not) that America has brought upon herself the evils of terrorism.

He pointed out how Democrats thought Carter's pacifism would lead to peace, and how they were wrong.

He said Democrats thought Reagan's arm race would lead to war, and they were wrong.

He identified nearly a dozen major weapons systems that John Kerry voted against, which we now use to protect our nation and freedom loving people around the world.

He referred to a John Kerry presidency as a " 'yes-no-maybe' bowl of mush that can only encourage our enemies and confuse our friends."

He discussed President Bush's faith in God, and stated that Bush has "a spine of tempered steel."

And in conclusion, Senator Miller stated that the world needs a decisive constancy to protect our freedoms and our families:

"Like many generations before us, we've got some hard choosing to do.

"Right now the world just cannot afford an indecisive America. Fainthearted, self-indulgence will put at risk all we care about in this world."
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