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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Behind Enemy Lines: Republican Blogger Infiltrates Liberal/Idiotic Protest
by Bonjo
Our colleague in the blogosphere, The Chainik Hocker, has gone behind enemy lines! No, he didn't just go to the beach in New Jersey. He disguised himself and marched with the loony liberals in New York! His post, "Morons on Parade: CH disguises self as Liberal, infiltrates Sunday's protest", tells it all.

It's too entertaining to summarize here, but one part I found particularly humorous was when two Navy pilots entered the march, openly referred to the protestors as "freaks" and made insulting comments:

"Two guys in suits waded into the crowd. One of them, wearing a cranberry colored dress shirt with a naval pilot lapel pin, told the other one, 'Hey, take a picture of me with all the freaks!' His friend obliged.

"Navy Pilot began yelling into the crowd 'Four more years! Four more years!' His buddy made some comments about the smell of the crowd (sweat, organic food farts, and marijuana). Even though the two were outnumbered approximately 250,000 to 1, the marchers were too shocked to do anything. I lost site of the two Republicans as they waded into the crowd, mocking the spelling on people’s signs.
Thanks for the first-hand account!
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