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Friday, September 24, 2004
The Bush Hurricanes: Lefties Actually Blame W
by Bonjo
I told you! If you recall, a few weeks ago we discussed the politics of hurricanes, and how some Democrats were blaming President Bush for politicizing the hurricanes (politicizing=doing his job, incidentally). If you recall, we discussed how President Bush sent special forces over to China to force a butterfly to flap its wings, thus setting in motion the chain of events that ultimately led to the series of hurricanes we have experienced in the Southeast.

We then discussed the idea that President Bush was using some secret project contracted to Halliburton to generate the hurricanes. Well, MoveOn.org apparently believes this foolishness. MoveOn.org circulated an email regarding the hurricanes, placing the blame on Global Warming and pointing fingers at President Bush for encouraging (gasp) oil drilling and exploration:

Ridiculing President George W. Bush for "handing out emergency aid" in Florida while doing "nothing to reduce global warming," MoveOn.org contends that the president has "done a lot to make the problem worse" and has caused the massive hurricanes to form.

MoveOn.org points the finger at Bush, saying that he has "helped the oil companies drill more, and the big polluters pollute more, at every opportunity" while he "has done nothing to stop global warming pollution, which is making extreme weather stronger."
After you recover from laughing, remember this sobering fact: MoveOn.org has spent millions campaigning for John Kerry.
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So you're saying that because MoveOn.Org is one of Kerry's contributors... He automatically has the same position as some fringe elements of that ridiculously Liberal organization?

John Kerry has yet to prove himself an idiot... unlike a certain someone who holds your nations highest office. Give the man some credit.
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