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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Florida Dems: Bush Politicizing Hurricanes
by Bonjo
Last month, after two hurricanes sequentially pounded the Sunshine State of Florida, President Bush made a trip to the state to survey the damage. He and Governor Jeb Bush toured various areas together. President Bush returned to Washington and called upon Congress to authorize $2 billion in emergency aid for the state.

Democrats said Bush was using the hurricane as political leverage, in an attempt to buy votes from the Florida electorate.

In the wake of Hurricane Frances, Bush will return again today. And once more, the Florida Democrats are attacking the President for seeing that Federal aid funds find their way to those affected by the storm:

"I find it deeply disturbing that President Bush may use his trip to survey the damage of Hurricane Frances as a photo opportunity." - Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla
So, we can assume from that statement that someone running for re-election should not drop everything and personally visit victims of a natural disaster. Before we log that bit of advice away, however, let's rewind about 12 years to 1992 and a little squall known as Hurricane Andrew. Just three months before the Presidential election of 1992, Andrew slammed into Florida causing billions of dollars in damage.

President George H. W. Bush didn't visit Florida. The response was slow:

"Where in the hell is the cavalry on this one? For heaven's sake, where are they?" - Miami-Dade emergency operations director Kate Hale, August 1992
Well, in 2004 the cavalry is on the job and not wasting a minute.

I know why the Democrats are upset, though. See, the hurricanes--all 3 of them--are just too coincidental. President Bush and his eeeeeville corporate interests are most assuredly the cause of these hurricanes. Bush probably sent someone--maybe our elite special forces--over to China and forced a butterfly to flap its wings. Either that or Dick Cheney pulled strings at Halliburton and they used some secret, over-priced, Government-funded equipment to spawn the hurricanes, all in an effort to help President Bush get re-elected.

I know that sounds far-fetched. Then again, after Al Gore's favorite movie, "The Day After Tomorrow," where the world freezes over because of Republicans, you have to wonder if these liberals don't suspect something. Incidentally, if there is a sequel to "The Day After Tomorrow," let's hope they title it correctly. After seeing the previews for the movie I think it would have been more appropriately titled: "The Weather Channel on Crack".
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