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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
The Governator and Mrs. Bush
by Bonjo

The Governator in Prime Time

What a great performance last night! Arnold brought the house down with his speech, enthusiasm, and love for our country.

You have undoubtedly heard the best line of the speech:

"Now, there's another way you can tell you're a Republican. You have faith in free enterprise, faith in the resourcefulness of the American people and faith in the U.S. economy. And to those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say: Don't be economic girlie-men."
Taking notes, Senators Kerry and Edwards? That was you and your naysaying surrogates he was talking about.

Another portion of his speech that has been largely overlooked in media coverage, but worth a re-read:

"My fellow Americans, I want you to know that I believe with all my heart that America remains the great idea that inspires the world. It's a privilege to be born here. It's an honor to become a citizen here. It's a gift to raise your family here, to vote here, and to live here.

"Our president, George W. Bush, has worked hard to protect and preserve the American dream for all of us. And that's why I say, send him back to Washington for four more years."

Laura Bush, demonstrating what it means to be a classy First Lady of the 21st Century

Ahhh, Laura Bush. Finally, a First Lady who takes her role as Ambassador to the World seriously. She has to be one of the classiest, stylish and charming women in the political scene. Too many pundits were comparing her remarks and the response of her audience to those of Arnold. To do so is a mistake as the objectives of the two speeches were not the same. Some pundits questioned why Mrs. Bush even spoke. The objective of Mrs. Bush's address to the convention is clearly stated in the text of her speech:

"Tonight, I want to try to answer the question that I believe many people would ask me if we sat down for a cup of coffee or if ran into each other at the store: You know him better than anyone else. You've seen things no one else has seen -- why do you think we should reelect your husband as President?"
Answer that question, she did. As an aside, I had overlooked the fact that these two married only three months after meeting one another. How do people question President Bush's intelligence after learning that fact? He clearly knew if he didn't marry her, someone else would come along and take his place!

I think Mrs. Bush answered the hypothetical question she posed with this portion of her address:
"I remember some very quiet nights at the dinner table. George was weighing grim scenarios and ominous intelligence about potentially even more devastating attacks. I listened many nights as George talked with foreign leaders on the phone, or in our living room, or at our ranch in Crawford. I remember an intense weekend at Camp David. George and Prime Minister Tony Blair were discussing the threat from Saddam Hussein. And I remember sitting in the window of the White House, watching as my husband walked on the lawn below. I knew he was wrestling with these agonizing decisions that would have such profound consequence for so many lives and for the future of our world.

"And I was there when my husband had to decide. Once again, as in our parents' generation, America had to make the tough choices, the hard decisions, and lead the world toward greater security and freedom."
All in all, a good show. Tune in tonight to catch Big Time, Mrs. Big Time and the keynote speaker from Georgia--Democratic Senator Zell Miller. In the words of Dave Letterman, "Phone the neighbors, wake the children... this is going to be an extravaganza you won't wanna miss."
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