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Friday, September 03, 2004
Kerry Website Humor
by Bonjo
If you need a cure for your insomnia, click over to the Kerry Campaign's response to the RNC. You will see a series of headings, all beginning "Bush misled about [insert topic here]", "Bush [did this]", "Bush [did that]". Under each topic is a blurb with the "truth" on the matter as spoken by John Kerry on various and sundry occasions.

This is the best thing by far... Under the heading, "Bush Continues to Mislead about John Kerry’s Record"--there's nothing. Nothing at all. It's blank! Senator Kerry, would you care to explain how, exactly, Bush is misleading about your record? Of course not! There's little that speakers at the RNC haven't already explained!

Apparently the Kerry campaign folks feel that if they just say Bush is misleading the public, voters will buy it. They're probably not far from the mark.
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