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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Ketchup Queen Insults Majority of Voters
by Bonjo
By now you've heard the news--in a Washington Post/ABC/Liberal Biased poll, George W. Bush is trouncing Kerry 52%-43% among likely voters. That 9 percentage point lead is well beyond the margin of error in the poll, incidentally. Recent polls also show Dubya with strong leads in key battleground states.

Now, a seemingly disparate piece of news...

The Ketchup Queen was on a campaign stump through Pennsylvania, and when discussing a Kerry health care plan, stated:

"Only an idiot wouldn't like this." - Ketchup Queen, AP
Now, let's put those two pieces of news together. It's obvious from the poll that 52% of Americans don't like either John Kerry or his socialist, stifling, near-sighted, economic proposals.

That said, Mrs. Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry (deep gasp for breath) just called over half of the electorate "idiots". Nice. And this is the lady that, should her husband be elected to the presidency, would be an ambassador to foreign nations and leaders, representing the White House and the United States? I think she should stick to making ketchup.
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