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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
A Little Perspective...
by Bonjo
First, let me clarify something I mentioned in my last post: I'm out on the Left Coast making money hand over fist for my employer. The last thing I want is all (three) of my dedicated readers to hit me up for money.

Last night I attended a meeting where the topic of discussion was nothing that would bring a potential blog post to mind. However, one of the speakers was Jeffrey N. Shane of the U.S. DOT, Under Secretary of Transportation. Mr. Shane shared two statistics which I found very interesting.

I'm going to quiz you on these statistics. My guess is you will know the first one without any shadow of doubt, while you will make a stab-in-the-dark-guess at the second.

Q #1: How many U.S. military personnel have been killed in Iraq?

Your answer, undoubtedly, is "1,000" or "Over 1,000". You have obviously been subject to the unrelenting media coverage of this topic. Why, according to reports I've heard, we're in a quagmire that will know no victory, and we're getting slaughtered over there.

Q #2: How many people died on U.S. highways in 2003?

Your answer: (crickets chirping)

Let me answer the question for you, thanks to Mr. Shane. 43,000 people died on U.S. roads last year in automobile accidents. How much media coverage does this rather significant number receive on the CBS Evening News?

1,000 vs. 43,000. That's called perspective.
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You're right! How could it matter that 1000 people have died needlessly, when a lot more died in an another needless manner!?

You have to stop avoiding the truth. Not only have 1000 US Soldiers been killed, but you seem to be forgeting the Iraqi civilians? Which whether or not you agree with it, are now dead. Its a fact you can't avoid. So if you really believe in this so called "cause", you'll accept the fact that there is blood on your hands and try to explain to me why thats ok with you.
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