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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Start the Music
by Cordeiro
Tonight in Miami the campaigns begin the final turn into the election season home stretch. Both W and Lurch have arrived in Florida, which surprisingly is not under a hurricane warning.

If the Mainstream Media was really doing its job, the biggest question of the night would be "What color will Lurch choose for his skin tone tonight?"

Bear in mind that Lurch hasn't really debated anybody one-on-one since 1996 - and that was against then Governor William Weld. I've read part of the transcript, and Lurch's main attack always had something to do with (surprise) Vietnam. If he falls into that habit again tonight, his campaign is toast.

W needs to stay on message. This isn't a problem for him, but it is for Lurch.

Here we go. Sit down, and grab hold of something. Its gonna be a bumpy ride.
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Bush was on the defensive all night. He doesn't play Defense well. Kerry won the debate, Dubya came off looking confused.
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