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Friday, September 24, 2004
Tax Cuts and Two AWOL Senators
by Bonjo
In two landslide votes, both the House of Representatives and the Senate approved the extension of President Bush's tax cuts yesterday.

The Senate, essentially evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, voted 93-3 in favor of extending the tax cuts. That is what you call a "landslide".

Several news articles I have read keep referring to this political victory as "lopsided" votes.

To quote Representative Jim McCrery of Lousiana:

"Anyone voting 'no' is voting for a tax increase for the American people, especially on the middle class. That's the bottom line on this bill."
I'll take Rep. McCrery's comments one step further: Anyone not voting to extend the tax cuts was voting for a tax increase for the American people.

That being said, where was "Tax-and-Spend" Kerry during the vote? Where was his ambulance-chasing-trial-lawyer running mate? Why, they were out on the campaign trail. They were too busy to fly back to Washington to extend financial relief to the core of our society.

Sure, Kerry and Edwards will say that they knew the legislation would pass, and that they had a busy campaign schedule.

Kerry had the following to say in a released statement:

"Millions of American families are being squeezed by the weak Bush economy, falling incomes and rising health costs, and we should extend middle-class tax breaks to help them."

First of all, Senator Kerry, it's the weak Clinton/Osama economy. Kerry had to twist W's legislative victory into a a cheap shot at the President, while making himself look like a fool for missing the vote.

Blinded by their foolishness, Kerry and Edwards have missed an excellent opportunity to show the American people that they believe tax cuts are beneficial. John Kerry said he supports the tax cuts, but was too busy to go vote for them.

If elected, you'll be even busier, my friend. That excuse won't work.

Don't be fooled, my friends. This man has said on several occasions that the American people need to "sacrifice" for the war in Iraq. He's called W foolish for cutting taxes and going to war. He's stood on the same stage with Hillary "Princess of Thieves" Clinton, who openly stated that Democrats were going to "take [things] away from you for the common good."

Of course, no person in their right mind would openly say that tax cuts are bad while running for President. John Kerry, however, has essentially done just that by not being present in the Senate chamber for that critical vote yesterday.
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