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Friday, September 10, 2004
There's no BS like CBS
by Bonjo
Dan Rather conducted what liberals are calling a "death blow" interview regarding President Bush's Vietnam-era National Guard Service. The interviewee, former Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, claims he was pressured by the Bush family to get Dubya into the National Guard.

Nevermind that Ben Barnes is one of Kerry's largest campaign contributors. Nevermind that Barnes is more or less guaranteed a job in a would-be Kerry Administration (choke, gasp). He has everything to gain by touting his story to Dan Rather, who is again carrying water for the Kerry Campaign.

It seems there are numerous document and typography experts who are raising questions regarding the authenticity of Bush National Guard records. Hey CBS, are you reporting or campaigning? Maybe you should stick to Emmy-winning reality TV shows.

My take on this: The dems have to smear Bush, since there is nothing else they can do to save their candidate, and keep the not-so-swift S.S. Kerry from sinking to the bottom of dark, dangerous political waters. The only thing they can do is bring up Bush's 30 year old military service, something they now realize they should never have done with John Kerry.

Further, I have to raise an eyebrow at the silence emanating from the Senator from Arizona. McCain criticized the ads from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. He criticized Zell Miller after Miller's earth-shattering GOP convention speech. He criticized those who attempted to publish the truth regarding John Kerry's Vietnam military service.

Hey McCain, where are you now?
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