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Friday, September 10, 2004
Trap Blocks and Screen Passes
by Cordeiro
There are two types of offensive tactics which try and take advantage of a defensive lineman's overwhelming desire to decapitate the quarterback.

The first is called a trap block, where the offensive lineman (normally a guard, but sometimes a tackle) pulls from his position to block for a running back. This leaves the defensive lineman with a "supposed" clear shot at the quarterback. That is until the other pulling offensive lineman blindsides the defender, normally burying him in the turf so hard that he comes up looking out his earhole.

The second is the screen pass, which takes advantage not just of one defender, but the whole defensive line's desire to pummel the aforementioned quarterback. In this play, the ball is snapped, and the offensive line lets the defenders pass by - thus giving them a "supposed" straight shot at the quarterback. If they take the bait, and they almost always do, the quarterback passes the ball to a waiting receiver, who then has the entire offensive line blocking down on the secondary.

For over zealous lineman, neither of these two types of plays gives good results. If something looks too easy, it usually is, and usually results in one or more defenders looking very stupid in front of a crowd - usually through their collective earholes.

Now, I know you're saying, "Great analogy, Cordeiro. Where are you going with this?"

Well, Dan Rather, and the rest of the CBS News (Propaganda) team would've done well to do just a little bit more research on the documents handed to them regarding W's guard service. As Bonjo already explained, said documents are looking more and more like forgeries.

That would mean that somewhere, deep within the recesses of the DNC and Lurch 2004, someone whose identity will most likely never be known is being flogged for stupidly forging documents in a way that took people less than 24 hours to see through. Baseless accusations you say? Perhaps.

The real fault, however, lies with CBS News. Once a truly great news establishment in the tradition of Murrow and Cronkite, it has now degenerated into something that ranks only slightly above the National Enquirer. The bottom line is they saw a straight shot at inflicting a mighty blow to the W camp, and they took their best shot. It was too easy, too much of a giftwrapped present. Sorry, boys, doesn't ever work that way.

If this whole controversy plays out the way its going right now, Dan Rather will have to apologize on national television. The look you will see on his face will be that normally worn by a defensive lineman looking out his earhole.
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