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Friday, October 15, 2004
Bush 41 on Michael Moore
by Bonjo
In an interview on a Maine television station, Former President George H. W. Bush was asked about his opinion of Michael Moore, the alleged "documentary" filmmaker:

"Total ass, slimeball," Bush said. It's "outrageous, his lies about my family." - Former President George H. W. Bush (41)
I still can't decide which is funnier... Imagining Bush 41 actually saying that, or hearing it from the poker-faced Brit Hume on FoxNews. Regardless, Bush 41's comment was right on target, and it's about time someone said what needed to be said.

In case this didn't make the national news, the slimeball in question (Michael Moore) was supposed to make an appearance at George Mason University here in Northern Virginia. He was going to appear about 5 days before the election. Not only that, but the school was going to pay him a $35,000 speakers fee.

Needless to say, outraged community leaders and taxpayers protested, and GMU pulled the plug on the Moore campus propaganda visit. Moore even offered to speak for free, but was denied that opportunity by university officials.
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