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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Bush Predicted to Win ... By Halloween Retailers
by Bonjo
Every election year a hot item for Halloween costumes are face masks of political figures and candidates. Numerous Halloween retailers have found that mask sales have predicted every Presidential election since 1980.

The candidate who sold the most masks won the election. This year, George W. Bush masks are again the leading item.

But don't get too comfortable, sit back on your laurels and think we have this won. Sure, face mask sales are unimpeachable statistical evidence of a candidate's viability, but we have to consider other factors as well.

John Kerry masks may only be taking in a 45% share, but his numbers may be diluted. After all, to be fair, for John Kerry we also need to factor in Frankenstein and Lurch masks. In that case, it's a landslide for the candidate from Massachusetts.
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