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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
A closer look at a few of Edwards' comments
by Bonjo
"We have a plan for success [in Iraq]. And that plan includes speeding up the training of the military."
Right. Because if it takes 30 minutes to bake a cake at 350 degrees, it will only take 15 minutes at 700 degrees. Enjoy eating that cake, Senator. "Faster" does not mean "better."

"Mr. Vice President, we were attacked. But we weren't attacked by Saddam Hussein."
That is a very telling phrase. In the minds of these liberals, someone is only a threat after we have been attacked. Since Saddam never directly attacked us, he wasn't a threat. Remember: John Edwards said in February 2002 that "Iraq and Saddam Hussein present the most serious and most imminent threat."

Oops, another John Edwards flashback! This one courtesy of The Liberal Washington Post! Senator Edwards wrote on Op-Ed piece for the Post in September 2002, only two years ago. Perhaps Senator Edwards should try Googling his name once in a while so he can remember his past positions on key issues:

"Iraq’s destructive capacity has the potential to throw the entire Middle East into chaos, and it poses a mortal threat to our vital ally, Israel ... Thousands of terrorist operatives around the world would pay anything to get their hands on Saddam Hussein’s arsenal and would stop at nothing to use it against us. America must act, and Congress must make clear to Hussein that he faces a united nation." - Sen. John Edwards, Op-Ed, "Congress Must Be Clear," The Washington Post, 9/19/02.
Apparently Senator Edwards suffers from 20/20 hindsight as well as John Kerry. But we know the truth: The idea of toppling Saddam was overwhelmingly popular with Americans in late 2002. Only after the tables of public opinion turned did Senators Kerry and Edwards change their tune.

"Here's the truth: I have grown up in the bright light of America. But that light is flickering today. Now, I know that the vice president and the president don't see it, but you do."
No, Senator, I don't see the light flickering. My vision of America is not one of doom and gloom, as you and Senator Kerry would have me and my fellow citizens believe. I believe, in the parting public words of Ronald Reagan, "that for America, there will always be a bright dawn ahead."

In fact, Senator Edwards, here's some advice from you from one of your Senate colleagues. To quote Senator Bennett, R-UT: "Always go with the optimist." In this case, you've just been DQ'd. Thank you for playing, please collect your parting gift as you exit.
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