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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Kerry: Bush to Blame For Russia Moving Explosives Whilst U.N. Delayed Invasion
by Bonjo
If John Kerry is elected, let's hope he learns to dig into a news story before he takes it as fact. No sooner had word "leaked" from the New York Times and CBS ("There's no BS like CBS") and John Kerry was out there blaming President Bush in all of his campaign speeches for the missing explosives in Iraq.

As we've already discussed, NBC News was there when the troops arrived at the weapons depot one day after Iraq's liberation, and the explosives were gone.

Either some really big Iraqi's carted the 380 tons of explosives out in really big wheelbarrows over the rough desert terrain in one night, or, more logically, we can conclude that the explosives were already missing.

Last night, The Washington Times broke a story titled, Russia tied to Iraq's missing arms. Gasp, shock and horror! Russia trucked the explosives to Syria before the U.S. invaded Iraq! Is anyone surprised?

Now, I find it interesting that the liberals have been so quick to point out whenever possible that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Then, they were all concerned about these explosives being missing, and how these explosives could be used in nuclear weapons (pardon me, but isn't a nuclear weapon classified as a WMD?). Can we not, therefore, logically conclude that the WMDs were possibly trucked out of the country as well?

This story, being hyped up by the left, does nothing more than elevate President Bush's claims that there were dangerous weapons being developed in Iraq.

But for the left, despite NBC video footage showing that the weapons were missing when we arrived, it is still Bush's fault. Reports are circulating that Russia trucked the stuff out of Iraq in the weeks leading up to our invasion. It seems to me that we have John Kerry's Un-United Nations to thank for delaying our entry to Iraq!

Last night I flipped over to CNN ("We distort, you comply!") to see if they had picked up on the story. A news anchor showed today's front page of the Washington Times, mentioned the story, and dismissed it by saying, "Well, that's one theory."

THEORY? This whole 18-month-old story is nothing BUT a theory, since it is certainly not NEWS. John Kerry is out there touting a THEORY that Bush let the weapons slip into terrorist hands, and he has NO PROOF whatsoever. But that hasn't stopped him from blathering on about this anytime a microphone is placed within the sound of his droning voice.

Kerry went so far as to say that Bush was attempting to cover this story up and hide it from the American people until after the election. Senator Kerry, the question I have is why did CBS learn of this 18-month-old news story, and decide to sit on it until just 24 hours before the election? If the story was so important that we all had to know about it right away, why were they willing to wait another week and a half?

What does The Commander-in-Chief Have to Say?

"Sen. Kerry this week seemed shocked to learn that Iraq was a dangerous place, full of dangerous weapons.

"Our military is now investigating a number of possible scenarios, including that the explosives may have been moved before our troops even arrived at the site... This investigation is important and it's ongoing. And a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander-in-chief.

"I want to remind the American people, if Sen. Kerry had his way, we would still be taking our global test, Saddam Hussein would still be in power, he would control all those weapons and explosives, and could have shared them with our terrorist enemies."
Go tell 'em, Mr. President. America is listening. Rush Limbaugh had an excellent summary of the Democrats' hype over this story, referring to their denial that Saddam Hussein was ever dangerous to begin with:

"There weren't any dangerous weapons in Iraq. It was unnecessary to go in there. We now know there were no weapons of mass destruction. Bush lied. So what the hell? Even if it's missing, it's harmless, right?"
Harmless until days before their candidate is sent packing back to Massachusetts.
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