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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Lurch's Cheney Gaffe
by Cordeiro
"The average Ruskie doesn't take a dump without a plan." - Rear Admiral Joshua Painter to Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October
James Dwight over at Sox Blog poses an interesting question. Was Lurch's "passing" reference to Big Time Cheney's daughter's sexual orientation a slip of the mind for Lurch? Or was it a planned, polled, calculated sucker punch intended to turn conservative voters from the W-Big Time Ticket?

I have no proof for the folowing speculation, only my knowledge of previous democratic campaigns and the spin doctors who meticulously comb over every talking point on the road to the presidency.

Of course it was planned! For those of you thick headed readers, remember that John "Breck Girl" Edwards also made a "passing" reference to Big Time's daughter's sexual orientation.

That said, I will impart the following wisdom for which there is no charge:

The average democrat doesn't say a word save it has been field tested, focused grouped, and polled six ways to Sunday.
Here endeth the lesson.

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