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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Morning Reads: Electoral College, Biased Media, and Biased Media
by Bonjo
MSNBC has an interesting article on the electoral college and various scenarios that could (and historically, have already) played out in election season. Did you know that if no candidate receives 270 electoral votes that the House of Representatives would vote to decide the next president? It's an interesting article if you have the time.

The openly liberal Slate.com has polled its writers and staff members for their presidential preferences. If you have time to waste, you can read the article. Stop the presses, almost all of them support John Kerry! In other news, poll results show that most Americans believe the world to be round.

One last story to share: the non-partisan Project for Excellence in Journalism has released a study indicating that Kerry received more favorable media coverage than Bush. Among the biased news outlets was--brace yourself--CNN (CNN: We distort, you comply!). In other news, recent poll results show that most Americans believe the government will continue the practice of collecting taxes.

With that, I return to my capitalist endeavors.
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