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Friday, October 15, 2004
Newsflash for Dems: Some Churches Actually Want Prayer
by Bonjo
John Kerry got a wake up call from Reverend E. S. Harper of Apostolic Christ Cathedral. Kerry and Company had planned a campaign event--excuse me, a visit to the church--for this coming Sunday.

Only, Reverend Harper "said they were not welcome if they planned to discuss politics during the service."

The Kerry Campaign canceled the event, though a campaign spokesperson claims "the church issue did not affect the decision to cancel the trip."

A Miracle in New Jersey?

While we're on the subject of church, is there a miracle in sight?

George W. Bush is planning a campaign visit to New Jersey next Monday. New Jersey, in case you haven't heard, is up for grabs according to recent polling data.

Jersey going to a Republican? Sure it's happened before--but I would think that given the rhetoric coming from the Democrats this election that the Garden State would be locked in. That can't be good news for Kerry and Company in the rest of the country.

Senator Kerry, brace yourself...
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