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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
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by Bonjo

I didn't comment yesterday on John Edwards' comments regarding the death of Christopher Reeve. As I'm sure you have heard by now, Edwards said that if John Kerry is elected, people in wheelchairs will be able to walk again:

"When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk, get up out of that wheelchair and walk again." - John Edwards, Oct 11, 2004
I've heard this quoted in the media several times, but they start with "people" and not "When John Kerry is president."

When I first heard the comment, I was reminded of the early 90's movie, "Leap of Faith," where Steve Martin drove around the country pretending to "heal" people as long as they gave him money. They'd give him cash, he'd jump around and make a fuss, and after the crowds were gone the victims realized that nothing had changed.

Sadly, that will be the case if these guys are elected. They are out there promising the world right now, promising things that they know they cannot possibly deliver. If John Kerry is elected, people will walk again! George W. Bush is relying on the ideologies of his religion and keeping cells frozen while real live people suffer! John Kerry won't do that!

And Senator Edwards is not alone in this. Patti Davis would have you believe through her implied tone that Bush has banned stem cell research. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said the following on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday:

[holding up a piece of paper] "What I've just put on that piece of paper is a dot, a little dot. That is the size of the embryos that we're taking the stem cells from, a dot that you can barely see on a piece of paper. People say, well, that's life... But they say we can't destroy these for stem cell research. They equate that somehow with this human being right here. They equate this little dot that you can barely see with someone like Chris Reeve."
Apparently he doesn't realize that "someone like Chris Reeve" was once "a little dot" as well. I digress.

These people are playing on the emotions of the electorate. They are trying to shift the focus off of the War on Iraq (which Bush is winning). Forget the economy (which is recovering). They are playing on sympathy, and not science. They are promising things they know they cannot possibly deliver, and the mainstream media is looking the other way.
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