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Monday, October 04, 2004
by Bonjo

What is this?! A visual representation of John Kerry's proposed domestic and foreign agendas?
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Actually, I believe that's Senator Kerry throwing or catching a football between his legs.

Are people really that desperate in search of something wrong with Kerry that they resort to mocking him having a bit of fun? Better than a photo of Bush looking through binoculars with the caps on them. The two photos juxtaposed.. lets see:

Kerry = fun.
Bush = stupid.

Priceless indeed.
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Hmmm... I do believe you have your Presidents mixed up.

Take a look at this photo.Bush = A real Commander in Chief
Clinton = Dufus at the DMZ

Note the subheading on the photo: "Who's the Rhodes Scholar??"

Something to ponder. Thanks for visiting us.
What is it with the Canadians these days? You can't catch a football between your legs. You snap it to the waiting quarterback. That's what Lurch was attempting, and as a former offensive lineman schooled in the art of snapping a football, I can say with much credibility it was a piss poor attempt.
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