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Monday, October 11, 2004
by Cordeiro
Christopher Reeve passed away yesterday after slipping into a coma caused by cardiac arrest. Made famous by his starring role in the Superman saga, Reeve suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury some years ago after being thrown from a horse. It was following that injury that Reeve showed just how much of a superman he really was.

He did not shy away from the public eye following his injury, rather he used his status to further the cause of medical technology to regenerate spinal nerves - the ultimate goal being that of regaining his mobility, and bringing untold thousands along with him. Many people suffering from spinal cord injuries saw him as an example of hope.

He never complained publicly about his injury. He did not allow himself to sink into despair about the hand of cards fate had dealt him. Drawing on the strength of his wife and close friends, he found the courage to move forward and do what he could to make life better for himself and others.

Sometimes in the melodrama of day to day life we lose track of what really matters. We find ourselves lost in the details just enough to miss the truly heroic actions of others.

Chris Reeve was a hero, and he will be missed.

Godspeed, Chris. Welcome home.

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