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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
VP Debate Follow-up
by Bonjo
As I write, Mary Beth Cahill, Chair of Kerry 2004, is offering her summary of the debate on Fox News. The only thing she had to say was that Dick Cheney came across as "grumpy and mean." That's substantive, Mary Beth. Thank you.

I called Cordeiro about 15 minutes into the debate. His immediate response to my phone call summed it up nicely: "Body blow! Body blow!" Cheney was, as we were speaking on the phone, repeatedly skewering the Senator from North Carolina.

To be fair, Edwards had a more strategically placed microphone, is younger, and yes, has better hair than "Big Time" Cheney. Cheney, however, knows the world, knows the system, knows the facts, the truth, and repeatedly delivered one blow after another to John Edwards and the still flagging Kerry/Edwards campaign.

Personally, I find Dick Cheney's demeanor refreshing. You see, my wife's family has ties to Wyoming, and I've spent quite a bit of time in the state. I've talked with people in that state who have never been East of Cheyenne. Idaho Falls, ID is the "big city." They don't say 10 words when 3 will do. If there's nothing to say, they say nothing. They don't fill dead air time with meaningless words. They don't trust anyone wearing a suit, unless they happen to be in church on Sunday. They tell you what they are thinking, and they speak the truth in an unassuming but endearing manner.

That's what we saw tonight in Big Time's performance. More on the substance of the debate tomorrow.
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