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Thursday, November 18, 2004
Extreme Makeover: Senate Edition
by Bonjo
Now airing on C-SPAN, Extreme Makeover: Senate Edition.

C-SPAN is getting in on the reality TV business, apparently it's too lucrative to pass up. In today's episode, we visit with Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). Just a few short weeks ago, Senator Specter tried to score cheap political points at home by acting tough and issuing a "warning" to President Bush.

Then followed two weeks of letter writing, phone calls and complaints from all across the United States. Senator Specter, after a rousing round of "Whoopin'", stated yesterday that he would gladly approve judicial nominations submitted by President Bush, and would indeed help speed them on their way.

Can we say, "Attitude adjustment"?

To his credit, Senator Specter has not blocked previous Bush judicial nominations. His record demonstrates his willingness to support the President, even if it means putting his own priorities aside. Some say he's "all talk", in hopes of receiving the chairmanship, and will subsequently turn on the President. Regardless, he's on a "short leash," according to one conservative political watchdog.

I think Arlen learned his lesson ("Don't Mess with Texas") and will behave. If not, he'll once again incur the wrath and fury of so-called "values voters".
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