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Monday, November 15, 2004
France: "Let's name streets after [dead terrorist]!"
by Bonjo
Just when you think France has done the most absurd (i.e., observing a moment of silence for deceased terrorist Yasser Arafat), they outdo themselves yet again.

Now various municipalities are considering renaming streets and plazas after Yasser Arafat.

With this type of support for a blood thirsty terrorist, is it any wonder that France opposed our invasion of Iraq?

Is it any wonder that France wouldn't allow our warplanes in their airspace when we bombed Khadafi?

France had better take note: You can pander to terrorists up to a point, but once they have taken care of everyone else, they'll be back for you. You can count on that. You too, Spain.

France could certainly learn a lesson from The Netherlands. This Washington Times article details the troubles the Dutch are facing. With years of Dutch "permissive" social policies to thank, new terrorist breeding grounds are cropping up in The Netherlands, friction is increasing between the Dutch and Muslim communities, and the Dutch people are feeling the result. Schools have been burned, leaders and popular writers have been killed. Some people in The Netherlands are thus waking up to the fact that open borders and a "live and let live" philosophy are questionable, if not downright dangerous.

So go ahead and rename those streets, France. I'm sure Jacques Chirac will be first in line to buy real estate on Arafat Blvd.
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Funny... You guys name your streets after presidents... Though some others in the world view you as terrorists.

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