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Saturday, November 20, 2004
The Hunt for a Blue October
by Cordeiro
Oh, what a week it has been. Quick commentary, as Mrs. Cordeiro has a list of things for me to do today.


Although he had more class than Algore in the way he conceded defeat, he has evidently decided to follow his presidential loser mentor in coming up for reasons for his political demise. In classic Lurch fashion, he has taken several position on the matter. Here is a short and by no means complete list of blamable groups or individuals (according to Lurch):

Usama Bin Laden: Lurch claims (a view also held by Nancy "San Francisco Treat" Pelosi) that the Binny Laden video tilted more voters to W. While this is possibly true, Pelosi's claim that Lurch had a lead prior to the tape is not. I'd ask what planet she's on, but I'm not sure I want to know the answer.

Lurch Ground Forces

In a TV interview I saw on Fox (can't remember where they got it) Lurch says his ground game wasn't good enough. No, Lurch. Your ground game was fine. Ours was just better.

Foxnews, Sinclair Broadcasting, Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, and Right Wing Talk Radio

Market forces are very strong things, Lurch. People watch and listen to the above listed entities because they want to. For some reason, they find those sources more reliable than the MSM. I can't imagine why.


Yes, Lurch has blamed the media for its coverage of his campaign. Lurch, if their coverage were any more pro-left, they would've had you wearing their logos on that pristine Carhart jacket of yours.

Somewhere in a darkened democrat campaign bunker, an exhausted staffer is looking at these statements and repeating the immortal last words of the Executive Officer to the captain aboard the Soviet Alfa class submarine in The Hunt for Red October just before the Alfa is blown up by its own torpedo.

You arrogant ass, you've killed us!

And one final note.

Kudos to Peter Jennings for his interview with Bill Clinton on Primetime Live this week. He got under Clinton's skin by asking direct questions, and also calling der Schliekmeister on his obvious doubletalk. Clinton came unglued and lapsed into long disproved allegations of persecution. Claiming "You don't want to go there, Peter, not after what you and your network did, parroting the lies of Ken Starr..."

We've already been there, Bill. And that, despite everything in that double wide library of yours, is your legacy.

Here endeth the lesson.
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