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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
John Wayne goes to Chile
by Cordeiro
As you may or may not know, W was is Chile this week for a APEC summit meeting with various world leaders. Much of the good that came from these meetings has been eclipsed by the arrogant actions of a few Chilean security guards who attempted to separate W from his Secret Service detail.

For those of you unfamiliar with the in's and outs of a protective detail, this is a bad thing. The agent was justifiably upset and a scuffle followed. The Chileans wouldn't let him join W, and he was doing his best to get through to the man he is sworn to protect with his own life if necessary.

W, upon seeing the scuffle, waded into the fray, grabbed the agent by the collar and pulled him through the Chilean wall of thugs. Frenchified journalists around the world were stunned at the sight of the President of the United States acting in such a way.

The Washington Times reports that La Cuarta, a Santiago newspaper, described W's actions as a "total breach of protocol" and referred to him as "John Wayne...definitely acting like a cowboy."

Memo to La Cuarta: Thank you for your accurate description of our President. You see, we elected a "take charge" guy to lead our nation. We admire the traits of machismo he exhibits on the world stage. You can't push him, or his security detail around. W's actions in regard to the Secret Service Agent were a marked demonstration of determination and courage - roughly described in your tongue as cajones. The world would be much better off if more leaders had such traits.

By the way, there are far worse people to be compared to than John Wayne. Jacques Chirac comes to mind.

Here endeth the lesson.

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