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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Make no mistake; This is not 2000
by Bonjo
I'm surprised at the number of comparisons of this election to the 2000 election. This is not 2000.

1) President Bush has won a majority of the popular vote. 51% to 48% of the vote, as it currently stands.

2) In Ohio, John Kerry trails Dubya by 140,000 votes. This is not a "razor thin lead" as 2000 Florida.

3) Lawyering 140,000 votes out of Ohio will not make John Kerry a popular president.

4) Bush has a healthy 350,000 vote margin in Florida. Don't pull an Al Gore. I know Al Gore, Senator, and you're no Al Gore.

5) Stealing or delaying the outcome of this election will make America weaker abroad and less safe at home.

That being said, I agree with Tom Brokaw that "waiting a few more hours to ensure every vote is counted" is not entirely out of order. To call the election and give up now when there's a (snowball's) chance of changing the outcome could be a disservice. However, as Rudy Giuliani told Brokaw, our country can't afford a repeat of 2000, especially when it's clear that President Bush has won.

To stretch this out beyond lunchtime tomorrow will only mire our country internationally. It will, to use a term oft quoted by liberals, "disenfranchise" the American electorate.

It's time we have some respect and dignity in this campaign. Senator Kerry, I will say that you have put up a good fight. You gave Dubya a run for his money, something I never expected from a dryball such as yourself. However, it appears, according to the majority of media favorable to your cause, that you've lost. By noon tomorrow, please, concede this election to the Commander in Chief. Allow him to return to his important job of running the War on Terror and making our families safer. Take some time off from the Senate (something you're accustomed to doing), get yourself a fake tan, a botox treatment, a $1,000 haircut, and sail off into the sunset on your wife's $45 Million jet.

Senator Kerry, America will thank you, and America will promptly forget you.

(It's 3:00 AM, do you know who your next president is?

No, no: I went to bed at 11:00. Some commentator said we wouldn't hear about Ohio until around 1:30. I figured I could hear about Ohio around 6:00 am!

Regardless, it's a warm night here in Northern VA. I've got the ceiling fan in my room running, and it was making some weird sound that woke me up. Since I was awake, I figured I'd run down and take a peek at the latest returns.)

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