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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Rather Interesting
by Bonjo

So it's official. Dan "Superscript" Rather is being put out to the CBS pasture known as 60 Minutes, along with Mike Wallace and other CBS News faces of yesteryear.

"It has been, and remains, an honor to be welcomed into [the ever dwindling number of] your homes in the evening and I thank you for the trust you have given me [despite my obvious partisanship and disregard for fact]," Rather said when he made his announcement.
Lest we weak-minded, religious zealot Americans think this has anything to do with the forged documents CBS used in an attempt to unseat President Bush, Rather assured his audience that he's been talking this over with CBS brass since 1999.

Rather's agent said "it would be a shame if the Guard story becomes Rather's defining moment." The liberals say the same thing about Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, as evidenced by the exhibits in the newly opened Clinton Lie-brary. "Don't let a scandal be his legacy; what about all the great things he did?"

The truth is that when people are dishonest, they must face the consequences. In the cases of Clinton and Rather, they both lied, tried to cover up their stories, and got caught. And for that, they shall always be remembered.

The S.S. Superscript, AKA CBS News, has been slowly sinking for years now. It ranks last among the big three network news agencies. The arrival of Fox News and other news sources has been another torpedo blow to the bow. CBS News may be losing some ballast with the exit of Rather, but it would appear that they've already taken on too much water.

But take heart, CBS. Upon Rather's announcement, a moment of silence was observed in France.

With that I return to my capitalist endeavors.
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