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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Statistics from My Voting Experience
by Bonjo
Following are the statistics I collected during my voting experience today. You can read the whole experience if you have the time. Results are +/- 100%:

People in line in front of me: 300+
Minutes spent waiting in line: 60
# of Lines I waited in: 4
Kerry campaign workers violating “No Campaigning” signs: 1
Bush campaign workers violating “No Campaigning” signs: 0
Polling staffers over the age of 85: 10
Polling staffers under the age of 85: 2
Times I hummed “Hail to the Chief”: 3
Celebrity look a-likes seen at the polls: 1
People in line with last name A-H: 300
People in line with last name R-Z: 0
Times I considered changing my last name: 10
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