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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Too close to call, too late to be up...
by Bonjo
In 2000, I lived in the mountain time zone. I waited up until fairly late until Florida was called for President Bush. Content with the outcome of the election, I retired for the evening. I woke up the next morning to an ecstatic Katie Couric who was happy to tell America that her candidate, Al Gore, was still in the running.

I don't see that happening this year. Florida is looking good for President Bush. Ohio could still go either way, but I remain hopeful and reports I've seen are encouraging.

Today I was worried about Utah. Yesterday when I checked the most recent polling data, President Bush was up 70% vs. John Kerry at 23%. You know, that was a nail biter. It could have broken and gone to Kerry. I'll rest easy knowing that Utah ended up in the Bush column.

I had a good laugh when the commentators said Virginia was too close to call. Believe me, I've been in this state for the entire election season, and there has never been a question which way Virginia was going to go. The data displayed on all the networks said Kerry was up 57 to 40 something or other. What they didn't emphasize was that a mere 1% of precincts had reported returns.

Arlington County and Alexandria county make up more than 1% of Virginia's electorate, and always lean Democratic (we have those unionized Federal workers to thank). My guess is that precincts from those counties were included in the initial 1%. Sorry Kerry, this is Dubya Country.

Thune's giving Daschle a run for his money, wouldn't that be a beautiful sight.

With that, I return to my cable news coverage.
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