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Friday, November 12, 2004
Week in Review
by Bonjo
Due to my adventures in capitalism, I was unable to post very much this week.

This week, we have seen the Democrats' continued downward spiral into depression. They have mocked and belittled those who voted for George W. Bush, claiming those in "Jesusland" voted purely because their ministers told them to do so. You see, the red state voters didn't understand John Kerry, they didn't understand the issues. They were duped into voting for Bush because they have blind faith in those wacky, crazed religious leaders. They adhere to false ideologies--crazy as it seems--of protecting innocent life and preserving traditional marriage.

Memo to the left: (A) Stop using the name of my Lord in vain. (B) Don't think those "blind faith" voters will fall for media exposure of Hillary attending church each week for the next four years. (C) Your candidate lost because he was the weaker candidate, on moral issues,AND national defense, AND economic issues AND just every other topic that comes to mind. Quit your whining.

On Arafat-chance, baby...

Yesterday, France held a moment of silence to mark the passing of Yasser Arafat. Chainik Hocker expresses his disbelief at Chirac's statement of grief and claim that Arafat was a "man of courage and conviction." Are we surprised that the French would mourn the death of a blood-thirsty terrorist?

The media reported that kings and rulers from all over the world travelled to Arafat's funeral. The U.S. sent the Assistant Secretary of State. (laughter) The Assistant Secretary of State is the guy who does everything no one else wants to do, like attending the dedication of a new bridge in the middle of some Third World country which no one has ever heard of, despite the fact that U.S. tax dollars probably financed said bridge. I digress.

Israel, rightly so, sent no one.

Sadly, it is my observation that few in the U.S. understand who Arafat was, few know of his evil designs, and few have much interest in the situtation that exists today in the Holy Land.
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