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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth
by Cordeiro
Coming soon to a State Department office near you.

At least that is what the MSM would have you believe about the exit of Colin Powell (well done, soldier) and the entrance of Condolezza Rice as the new Secretary of State.

They will not focus on her outstanding resume and qualifications for this office. They will not mention how stunningly brilliant she is, or how she can advise the most powerful man in the world by day, only to follow that by moonlighting as Yo Yo Ma's pianist at night. I'm sure she has flaws, however the only disqualifying mark on her character in my view is her undying support of the Cleveland Browns.

Well, nobody is perfect.

Condolezza Rice started out in life with absolutely nothing. She went from being a share-cropper's daughter to holding a very distinguished position in the Bush 41 White House and also becoming Provost of Stanford University. As you can tell by her no-holds-barred slug fest before the 9/11 Commission, this woman takes no prisoners.

She faces a daunting task at State. Within the hallowed halls of Foggy Bottom and the consulates and embassies around the world are some of the most entrenched leftists in this country. I've dealt professionally with people in that Department. I've taken the Foreign Service Exam. I'm seriously not impressed with the State Department and believe people there have worked to undermine W's efforts on the world stage. In my capitalistic school of thought, those people have to go. My hope is that Condi cleans house there and helps put a better face on American Diplomacy.

Porter Goss faces much the same challenge at CIA. I have not had dealings with people at Langley - even if I had I wouldn't admit to it. The very fact that Goss had to issue a memo reminding Agency employees their job is to support the Administration and not work to further any ideological goals tells me all I need to know.

Culture change is hard. It is often painful. Excising the entrenched left wingers and their ideology from the halls of government will cause much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

I hope they have good mental health and dental plans at State and CIA.
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