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Friday, November 12, 2004
Where's the Left's "Gloom and Doom America"?
by Bonjo
For the last 8 months, we've heard nothing from the media (i.e., Kerry Campaign) other than how bad life is here in America. John Kerry was out there telling us that our country was in the toilet. Jobs were lost. Health care had everyone worried and up all night.

Of course, John Kerry said nothing of the moral cesspool that has overflowed into the homes of most Americans, vis-a-vis the liberal elitists in Hollywood that supported John Kerry. I digress.

John Edwards, during the Vice-presidential debate, looked into the camera and told America that he believed in a hopeful America, an America of opportunity. And, as he looked into that camera with his perfectly combed hair, he told us that America's light was flickering, it was dim, and things weren't good.

The Washington Times reported yesterday the results of a recent Harris poll that state the following:

"The Harris Poll's annual "Feel Good Index" finds the nation happy with home, family and friends — with the biggest increase in positive feelings emanating from 'morals and ethics.'"
Isn't that interesting. And no, don't let the producer of Alfie tell you these results are because of the election--this poll was taken before the election.

"Life, in fact, seems downright harmonious, with 98 percent reporting they're pleased with their family relations, according to the poll, which surveyed 1,016 U.S. adults Oct. 14-17.

"Ninety-five percent feel good about their homes, 92 percent praised the quality of their lives overall, 91 percent were positive about their social lives, 88 percent said they were happy about their health and 85 percent gave thumbs up to their standard of living.


"The survey reflected other financially based attitudes: 60 percent were happy with their jobs, down four points from last year. Sixty-two percent felt good about their financial security, up three points from last year."
Well, well. I have been wondering for the last 8 months where all the disgruntled, unemployed, unhappy, financially ruined Americans were. As it turns out, people are actually happy living here in the U.S.

The left will, undoubtedly, try to say this is just a poll, it's not scientific and the results have errors. Remember, though, these are the same people that claim that exit polling data is more accurate than voting results.
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I really wish the liberals would hurry up and move to Canada.
Yes because a completely partisan society always works right?

We've got enough liberals thank you very much. Everyone has their role to play, you can keep 'em.
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