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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Post-Christmas Reading
by Bonjo
For Christmas, Mrs. Bonjo treated me to a copy of Ann Coulter's latest book, "How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must)". It's definitely a good read. I instantly knew I would like it when I read the first line of Chapter 1:

Historically, the best way to convert liberals is to have them move out of their parents' home, get a job, and start paying taxes.
Another quote, found on the jacket:

Teddy Kennedy crawls out of Boston Harbor with a quart of Scotch in one hand and a pair of pantyhose in the other, and Democrats hail him as their party's spiritual leader.
Needless to say, I've been enjoying the book in the few minutes I've had to sit down and read. If you see it in the stores, I recommend you grab yourself a copy.

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Well, we don't know about pantyhoses, but Mr. Bush had he's quota of licquor in his time didn't he?

As to your quote, the first line, what I gotta say is that I'm out of my parent's home, I have a job and pay my taxes. Still liberal. I think that the book title by itself shows the kind of arrogant thinking you apparentely enjoy and share. 

Posted by A portuguese guy
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