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Friday, December 17, 2004
The Rummy Wars
by Cordeiro
I grow weary of those who seek to curry favor in the eyes of some by taking shots at one of their own.

Yes, Senators McCain and Lott. I'm talking about you.

In the past few days McCain declared his "no-confidence" in Rummy as SecDef. Right behind him was Lott who in not so many words explained he was "no fan" of Rumsfeld.

Both stopped short of calling for Rummys resignation (a lot of good that would do) but their feelings and intentions were very clear to anyone who cared to see them.

I, for one, and I am not alone, support Rummy in his thankless job. He is expected, evidently, by the media, arm chair generals, and left leaning pundits to accurately predict something that is - by its very nature - unpredictable. In other words - War. When he explained to a soldier (whose question by the way had been set up by an embed reporter) that "you go to war with the Army you have" he was vilified as "unfeeling" and "arrogant". No one cared to realize the truthfulness of his statement. The soldiers and officers understand. The meida is incapable of getting to that point.

Memo to Senators McCain and Lott: Rummy is staying. Both of you are not in any position what so ever to bad mouth or criticize the way he does his job. You would be well served to find ways to simplify his tasks rather than belittling him on the national stage. That is, of course, unless all you want is more facetime on the MSM.

Now regarding Senator McCain, I know that to be the case. But Senator Lott....I expected better from you.

Here endeth the lesson.

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