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Thursday, December 16, 2004
Senator "Who?" Dayton calls for own resignation
by Bonjo
You've got to love liberals, they provide so much entertainment.

Remember Senator Mark Dayton? I know, I know, you're saying, "Who?" Allow me to refresh your memory. Several weeks before the November election, Senator Mark Dayton, D-MN, closed his Washington offices due to an elevated terror threat surrounding the national election season. He closed his offices, and he and his staff high-tailed it to Minnesota, a state lacking any formidable targets or infrastructure worth a terrorist's time and efforts.

The rest of us, back here in Washington, went about our daily lives. We understand that the terrorists win when snivelling, namby-pamby, spineless individuals like Dayton hide under a rock (or in the fictitious Lake Woebegone). Frankly, if Senator Dayton were so concerned about the terror threat, shouldn't he have stayed in Washington to see that something was done about it?

I digress.

Senator "Who?" is back in the news again. You may recall seeing footage of Donald Rumsfeld talking to soldiers in Iraq. The media was pleased to report that these soldiers gave Rummy a hard time about the lack of armored vehicles. As it turns out, the question was planted by a reporter and a soldier, eager to get his picture on TV at home, was glad to oblige.

Democrats have, in large part, seized upon this opportunity to pounce on the Administration. Dayton is among them:

Sen. Mark Dayton urged President Bush Wednesday to order an investigation into the government's failure to provide enough armored vehicles for soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a conference call with reporters, the Minnesota Democrat called the failure "outrageous and indefensible" and said Bush should ask everyone responsible to resign.

Dayton said he is upset by recent reports that makers of the armored vehicles and armor kits had the capacity to produce more armament upgrades but hadn't received orders to do so.
Hey Dayton, you might consider starting your investigation right there in the Senate. In fact, your resignation theory isn't half bad. Let's rewind about, oh, six months. John Kerry (remember him?) was in the news and was both for and against the war in Iraq. Dayton was apparently against the war at the time (hat tip to Captain Ed):

You're increasing the number of forces, the number of tanks over there. How can this have anything to do but to escalate the level of violence, the opposition of Iraqis, intensify the hatred across the Arab world to the United States, and more atrocities? How can this have any result other than to put us deeper into this situation and make the conditions there worse for our forces and for our nation and for the world?
There you have it. Six months ago, we were worsening the situation in Iraq by sending tanks and armored vehicles. Dayton didn't want us sending anything else over there, since we were "angering" people and making "more war".

Now, we're not sending enough, and we just can't send it fast enough! In fact, it's such a precarious situation that Dayton is calling for resignations from everyone responsible!

Okay, Senator. You've seen the evidence that this is partially your fault. Why don't you set a good example for everyone else and submit your resignation?

With that I return to my capitalist endeavors.
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