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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Terrorists don't keep promises, France learns lesson
by Bonjo
Just over a week ago, the namby-pamby French, in an attempt to show their acceptance of varying cultures and pander to terrorists, cleared the way for Hezbollah to broadcast in Europe vis-a-vis the al-Manar television network.

The group of militant, anti-Semitic terrorists had agreed not to "incite hatred among religions" (in the same fashion that the Iranians agreed to stop their nuclear weapons programs). Last week, in an effort to not incite hatred among religions, the al-Manar network delivered a broadcast claiming Israel is trying to infect Muslims and Arabs with AIDS.

Well, that certainly sounds like religious harmony to me! From Reuters:

"The CSA cited as evidence an Al-Manar broadcast last week that spoke of 'Zionist attempts to transmit dangerous diseases like AIDS through exports to Arab countries.' The broadcast said Israel had "no scruples" about infecting Arabs and Muslims."
Now, one week later, France's broadcasting authority, the CSA (think of FCC Commissioner Michael Powell in a beret), has called for a ban on the station.

When WILL these people learn? You can't deal with terrorists.

In a shockingly predictable statement, the terrorists, I mean, al-Manar, denies any wrong doing:

"The channel affirms its commitment to the agreement and is surprised by the decision since it is intent on carrying out the agreement", it said, calling CSA to "stick to the agreement and not submit to the political pressure being exercised upon it."


What? Why block our broadcasts? We affirm our commitment to the agreement! What we did last week doesn't matter! That's all in the past. Trust us. We're the nice guys. Sure, we blow people up occasionally, but no one can prove anything. It's the evil Israelis that are the problem here!
Hey, let's get the U.N.'s take on all this. Oh, wait, never mind, they've already answered the question. As Chainik Hocker reported last week, the U.N. is convinced that anti-Semitism is caused by Jews. Silly us for not realizing that sooner.

Regardless, let's hope France has learned something from this: You can't deal with terrorists. (I'm not holding my breath)
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